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Challenge for the More Able

The identification and provision for children who are more able will be developed to ensure children make good or better progress and have opportunities to develop their talents. The policy document for children with special educational needs encompasses those children who have an additional learning need to take them to a higher level of learning and achievement. 

This will be developed further across the curriculum through the introduction of specialists in key areas of the Foundation curriculum, such as Art, Computing and Physical Education. These opportunities will also run in parallel with the out of school activities and enrichment programme, which will enable children to extend their learning and master new skills. The IPC Units for pupils aged 9 to 12 allow that flexibility for more able children to extend their learning.

In the core curriculum, the tracking system works as a barometer to identify children who are making accelerated progress and require work at a higher National Curriculum level to maximise attainment. Arrangements for gifted and talented pupils will be reviewed as the identification and analysis of need is progressed.

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