School Values

Our School Values


The Crescent Primary School is a values-based school because we believe in developing a set of skills and attitudes that prepare our children for the modern day world. Our children are guided by a set of school values that were chosen by parents, teachers and governors. These represent 6 values that the whole school community chose to be central to the education of our children:

Responsibility                  Respect                Determination

Kindness                           Honesty                        Creativity


Our children then designed a character for each of our school values, and through some computer wizardry, they were graphically reproduced below

Our school values are displayed prominently around the school, as well as in each classroom. They weave into the fabric of school life and provide a mirror for our decision-making. For example, are my actions respectful? Are they kind?

They provide a guide and a moral compass for our children’s actions and behaviour. In making choices about how to act and how to behave, children have become familiar with and guided by our school values. They are also central to our behavior policy, which can be found here 


We are a school with no rules!

We do not have a list of school rules because they can be narrow and restrictive. They are not as aspirational as values, so we have eliminated all rules! Following school values goes deeper: rules get broken, and rules don’t give anything to aspire to, whereas every member of the community can strive towards a higher understanding of our values, such as respect and kindness. Like riding a bike, values are learned through a combination of practice and instruction. Children learn what values are, how to recognise them and how people react to them, equipping them with invaluable social skills and emotional intelligence.


We celebrate our values!

Each day, we acknowledge children who show our values. Values slips given out to acknowledge positive behaviour choices that our children make.


We also have Values Assemblies each week, which teach children about a chosen value, and Values Star of the Week certificates awarded to a child in each class every Friday.

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